Evernote Contemplates Restricting Free Plan to One Notebook and 50 Notes

Evernote Contemplates Restricting Free Plan to One Notebook and 50 Notes

Evernote, the popular app for taking notes, might be making changes to its free plan. Reports suggest they’re considering limiting the free version to just one notebook and a maximum of 50 notes. This news came after the company apparently conducted a test where they restricted how many notes free users could create. Techcrunch reported this after the company confirmed they were running “a small test” on these limitations.

Users have started noticing pop-ups within the app, indicating that the free plan will only support a single notebook with a cap of 50 notes. Similar discussions are cropping up on social platforms like Reddit. If someone needs more than 50 notes, they’ll likely have to switch to one of Evernote’s paid plans, either Personal or Professional.

Interestingly, Evernote’s comparison page for their plans hasn’t shown these new limitations yet. They’ve only listed the storage constraints for the free version, like a maximum note size of 25 MB and a monthly upload limit of 60 MB. There’s been no mention of a restricted number of notes or notebooks.

However, Evernote clarified to Techcrunch that these changes aren’t finalized. They tested the restrictions on less than one percent of their free users. If they decide to roll out these changes to everyone, Evernote plans to communicate it clearly.

The silver lining is that these new limits won’t impact existing notes. Users can continue managing, editing, exporting, and deleting their current notes, even if they surpass the one notebook and 50 notes threshold. The restriction only applies to notes created after the change.

Switching to Evernote’s paid plans, like Personal or Professional, comes at a cost. The Personal plan is priced at 12.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year, while the Professional plan costs 14.99 euros monthly or 129.99 euros yearly. These plans not only offer more significant note capacity but also grant access to additional features like syncing across multiple devices.

It’s uncertain how many Evernote users will opt for a paid plan if these restrictions become permanent. Reddit discussions indicate that affected users are exploring alternative note-taking options instead of jumping to the paid plans right away.

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