Windows 10 Support Ends: Urgent Upgrade to Windows 11 Revealed! Shocking Details Inside!

Windows 10 Support Ends: Urgent Upgrade to Windows 11 Revealed! Shocking Details Inside!
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On October 14, 2025, Windows 10 officially reaches its end of support. For those seeking critical security updates beyond this date for the operating system released in 2015, Microsoft offers a paid ESU (Extended Security Updates) program. This program is not only aimed at businesses but also at individual users with Windows 10 Home.

With 22H2, Microsoft has long released the final version of Windows 10. Since then, there have been no new features for this operating system, only security updates. However, starting from October 14, 2025, these updates will no longer be provided regularly.

From this date onward, Microsoft will not offer bug fixes for issues, security patches for vulnerabilities, timezone updates, or technical support for any arising problems, as stated in a recent blog post by the company.

Security comes at a cost

Microsoft strongly recommends all users still on Windows 10 to urgently transition to Windows 11. The company openly acknowledges that this might require purchasing new hardware. “For devices not suitable for Windows 11 or older devices due for an upgrade, now is the time to shift to new PCs with Windows 11,” Microsoft explains, pointing to products from well-known PC manufacturers.

Alternatively, Windows 10 users can opt for a paid subscription in the future to receive critical security updates for up to three additional years, similar to the ESU program for Windows 7. However, this subscription won’t cover new features, non-security-related updates, design changes, or technical support beyond the provided security updates.

Windows 365 customers receive updates for free

Not every user will have to pay additionally. Windows 365 customers connecting from their Windows 10 system to a Cloud PC with Windows 11 will receive security updates at no extra cost. Similarly, Windows 10 instances in Azure Virtual Desktop will be supplied with ESU-program updates without additional charges.

According to Windows’ Lifecycle FAQ, even Windows 10 Home is eligible for participation in the program. Consequently, individuals now have the opportunity, for the first time, to receive critical security updates through the yearly billed subscription service after the end of support. However, Microsoft plans to disclose further details and prices at a later date.

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