Chevrolet Halts Blazer EV Deliveries Due to Quality Concerns and Software Issues

Chevrolet Halts Blazer EV Deliveries Due to Quality Concerns and Software Issues
Image: Chevrolet

Chevrolet has decided to temporarily stop delivering the Chevrolet Blazer electric car while their engineers work on fixing some issues. The Blazer is among the first mass-market cars built on GM’s new Ultium platform.

This move comes after reports surfaced highlighting quality problems with the Blazer. Edmunds, a website that has been testing a Blazer for two months, shared an experience: “The trip from Los Angeles to San Diego for a Blazer EV media event started smoothly.

However, the window switches stopped working, followed by a complete breakdown of the infotainment display. It got stuck in a loop, showing a map in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and kept turning off and on until we had to exit the highway and restart the car. Everything was fine after the reset, but an hour later, the same issue occurred.” Overall, the vehicle encountered 23 errors.

Chevrolet’s Vice President, Scott Bell, emphasized, “Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why we’re taking a brief break in delivering new vehicles.” They plan to reach out to affected owners to arrange a software update. However, this means brand-new Blazer EVs are currently sitting idle in driveways and garages, unable to be driven.

Owners have taken to online forums and social media to express their frustrations. They’re sharing posts about missing features, warning lights turning on, driving modes being disabled, and a range of other problems.

It’s not just the Blazer EV facing difficulties. Recent reports also highlight significant software problems with the Cadillac Lyriq and even the GMC Hummer Pickup. All these brands fall under General Motors.

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