Microsoft Unveils Dev Home App with Advanced Windows Settings for Developers

Microsoft Unveils Dev Home App with Advanced Windows Settings for Developers
(Image: Microsoft)

In September 2023, Microsoft rolled out a new app called Dev Home, aiming to give developers the power to tailor Windows 11 to their specific needs. According to an initial report by Neowin, this app is set to grow even more powerful with the introduction of what they’re calling the Advanced Windows Settings.

Microsoft is shedding light on this project over on Github, explaining that these settings will offer “developers more control over their computer settings and how it behaves, while also providing quick access to new or experimental Windows OS features.”

The focus here is on features designed to align with “developer workflows,” like seamlessly integrating version control right into the File Explorer.

Interestingly, many of these options are already available elsewhere within the operating system or through Power Toys. What’s different with the Advanced Windows Settings is that they’re consolidating these options into a single, central location.

There are a few teasers of what’s to come in the attached screenshots. Things like different folder icons for repositories or tweaking version control settings directly within the File Explorer are on the cards.

Feedback from developers has been largely positive so far. They’re chiming in with constructive suggestions and additions in the comments under Microsoft’s announcement.

As for the actual development progress on these new settings for the Dev Home App, it’s a bit hazy. There’s no clear info on when Microsoft might kick off or when we can expect the expanded Dev Home App to hit the scene.

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