Starfield’s Limited Awards Nods Spark Speculation at Video Game Awards Gala

Starfield's Limited Awards Nods Spark Speculation at Video Game Awards Gala
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Few games have made as much of an impact in 2023 as Starfield. From summer until its release in September, it dominated media and social networks. However, the upcoming Video Game Awards in December might paint a different picture, stirring attention, notably on Reddit.

Specifically, Starfield finds itself nominated in just one category: Best Role-Playing Game. Yet, it seems highly unlikely that it will surpass the also-nominated Baldur’s Gate 3 in this category.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is not only nominated for Best RPG but also for Game of the Year, holding strong prospects for victory. Other titles suggested by the jury include Alan Wake 2, Spider-Man 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Bros Wonder, and The Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom. Starfield, however, isn’t among them.

Another notable point is the scarcity of Microsoft titles in the nominations. Only one game from the company stands out: the successful yet commercially underwhelming music-action game Hi-Fi Rush (Previewed on, nominated for Best Action Game along with subcategories like Audio Design and Innovation in Accessibility.

There aren’t clear reasons why Starfield received limited recognition while Hi-Fi Rush gained relatively strong nominations. Possibly, it’s because Starfield didn’t entirely live up to the immense hype in the eyes of the jury, whereas Hi-Fi Rush emerged without much prior coverage and surprisingly excelled.

Award Ceremony Overshadowed by GTA 6?

The nominated games were selected by a jury comprising around 100 media personalities and influencers. The winners will be determined by the same jury, with an additional 10% of the voting weight coming from players.

The award ceremony is set for December 7, 2023, in Los Angeles, and will be streamed online. Speculation suggests that Rockstar Games might unveil the anticipated GTA 6 trailer during the event.

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