Revolutionary iPhone Update Unveiled: Faster Wireless Charging with Magnets in iOS 17.2!

Revolutionary iPhone Update Unveiled: Faster Wireless Charging with Magnets in iOS 17.2!
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After the iPhone 15 series, even the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 devices will receive support for the wireless charging standard Qi2. The Qi2 support is part of iOS 17.2, whose release notes were published by 9to5Mac.

Unlike the previous Qi standard, Qi2 will utilize magnets to align the charging adapter and the device being charged optimally. This enables significantly more efficient and faster charging processes as the transmitting and receiving coils align precisely.

Wireless charging with Qi2, thanks to better alignment through magnets, can reach up to 15 watts. Until now, such charging speeds were only possible with official and more expensive MagSafe accessories for iPhones.

Qi2 allows third-party wireless charging adapters to achieve 15 watts without MagSafe certification as well. Apple confirmed to The Verge that iPhone 15 models will achieve 15 watts with Qi2-compatible chargers from other manufacturers. When asked by The Verge, Apple has not yet commented on whether this applies to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, but it’s likely.

Another addition in iOS 17.2 is the introduction of the Journal app. Apple had announced this during the unveiling of iOS 17, but the diary application was not available until now. With Journal, iPhone users can capture moments in text and images and later search through these memories.

Release notes are usually published a few days before the distribution of an iOS update. The update is expected to be available for users shortly.

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