Google Developing Exclusive AI Assistant ‘Pixie’ for Pixel Phones: Latest Insights | Dec 15

Google Developing Exclusive AI Assistant 'Pixie' for Pixel Phones: Latest Insights | Dec 15
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Reports suggest that Google is developing a specialized AI assistant exclusively tailored for Pixel smartphones. This news came through The Information in a couple of articles uncovering Google’s AI strategies. This assistant, likely named Pixie, is said to be built on the new Gemini Engine recently introduced by Google.

What sets Pixie apart seems to be its unique features and exclusivity compared to the recently unveiled Assistant with Bard (AWB) from Google. AWB might become available for Android phones made by other companies lacking the capability to run advanced AI models like those in the Gemini series.

Pixie, however, seems to be designed to make the most of upcoming Pixel models, allowing for more powerful AI models to run directly on the devices. For instance, the current Pixel 8 Pro runs on Gemini Nano, the smallest version of Google’s new AI, hinting that future Pixel iterations might handle even more complex AI models.

It’s rumored that Pixie might make its debut alongside the Pixel 9 series. This assistant is expected to leverage user data from Gmail, Maps, and other Google services to deliver more personalized responses. According to insiders at The Information, Pixie is slated to be a significantly more tailored version of the existing Google Assistant.

One intriguing aspect is Pixie’s purported ability to handle multimodal inputs, such as text and images. Sources suggest it could even provide navigation to a store where a product in a photographed image can be purchased.

Google has already started implementing its Gemini AI Engine directly into smartphones, starting with the Pixel 8 Pro. Presently, the device supports AI-generated summaries of audio recordings and AI-driven suggestions for replies in messaging apps.

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