Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI: Real-Time Language Translation Coming to Smartphones in 2024

Samsung Unveils Galaxy AI: Real-Time Language Translation Coming to Smartphones in 2024
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Samsung has announced the integration of AI into its smartphones. Branded as Galaxy AI and packaged with various marketing formulations, the South Korean manufacturer provided a sneak peek into upcoming AI features in a press release.

According to the announcement, Samsung users will be able to engage in conversations with individuals who don’t speak their language using AI Live Translate Call. An artificial intelligence system will translate and convey the spoken words in real-time, both as text and audio. This means users can have normal phone conversations and understand each other even if they speak different languages.

The function is expected to be built into the smartphone’s regular phone app. The translation using AI is set to occur entirely on the smartphone itself, indicating the presence of a powerful NPU (Neural Processing Unit) in the device. While Samsung hasn’t revealed a model name, the timeframe for the launch of AI Live Translate Call suggests it may be associated with the Galaxy S24.

AI features are likely to come with the Galaxy S24

Samsung states that users should be able to use the feature starting early 2024. Traditionally, Samsung unveils new models of the Galaxy S series in February, with the Galaxy S24 expected to be showcased next year. Given that the smartphone is likely to feature an SoC (System on Chip) specifically designed for AI computations, the AI translation may not be available for older devices.

It remains unclear which languages will be supported by the AI phone translation. It’s conceivable that Samsung might initially focus on a few languages, such as English and Korean, and make them available only in specific markets. The press release from Samsung hints at the use of AI in other areas, although the company does not provide specific details.

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