Apple TV+ and Disney Plus Prices Surge, Apple Offers Free Roku Access!

Apple TV+ and Disney+ Prices Surge, Apple Offers Free Roku Access!

Futurezone reports that the price increase for Apple TV+ will also affect ongoing subscriptions, citing emails sent by Apple to Apple TV+ customers. The report does not specify the timeline for increasing prices for existing customers. Those subscribed to Apple TV+ will now have to pay $9.99 per month, up from the previous $6.99 per month.

In late October 2023, Apple raised the monthly subscription price for new and returning Apple TV+ subscribers to $9.99. At that time, it was stated that Apple would inform existing customers about the price hike. This marks the second price increase for Apple TV+; a year ago, the monthly subscription price was raised from $4.99 to $6.99.

Apple TV+ was launched in November 2019 at a monthly price of $4.99. Apple continues to focus on exclusive movies and series available only through Apple TV+ subscriptions. Initially, the catalog was notably limited, but it has since grown to include 66 movies and 137 series. A significant portion of the movies comprises documentaries. In comparison to competitors like Disney+, Netflix, or Prime Video, Apple TV+’s catalog remains relatively small. Competitors boast several thousand movies and hundreds or even thousands of series.

Three Months of Apple TV+ Free via Roku Device

For those without an active Apple TV+ subscription, signing up via a Roku device allows for three months of free access. This offer is valid until December 3, 2023, for both new customers and returning subscribers. After the trial period, the subscription will automatically renew at $9.99 per month unless canceled beforehand.

In early November 2023, Disney introduced a new pricing model for Disney+. The cost of the existing subscription has increased to $11.99 per month, up from $8.99 per month. Existing customers can continue with the premium subscription at the old price of $8.99. Disney has not disclosed how long this offer will last. Telekom customers with an active Disney+ subscription can maintain the old price until October 2024. Unlike Apple TV+, Disney+ also offers an annual package at a discounted rate.

Increased Prices for Other Apple Subscriptions

In tandem with the Apple TV+ price hike, other Apple subscription services have also seen price increases. The gaming subscription, Apple Arcade, will now cost $6.99 per month, up from $4.99. Additionally, the bundled package, Apple One, now starts at $19.95 per month, previously priced at $16.95 monthly. This bundle provides access to Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade, along with 50GB of cloud storage.

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