Revolutionary ‘Robotruck’: Aitekx’s Bold Electric Pickup Set to Redefine Automotive Standards

Revolutionary 'Robotruck': Aitekx's Bold Electric Pickup Set to Redefine Automotive Standards

Aitekx aims to introduce an electric pickup truck named “Robotruck” by 2025, making ambitious performance claims that seem challenging to achieve given the promised price.

At the recent LA Auto Show, Aitekx unveiled its Robotruck concept, characterized by a similar boxy design and sharp angles akin to Tesla’s Cybertruck. While not an exact replica, the strong inspiration is evident, from the overall wedge shape to details like the LED taillights.

Aitekx openly acknowledges drawing inspiration from Tesla, asserting that the Robotruck will compete in the electric pickup market upon its release in 2025.

Ambitious specifications warrant further explanation

According to Aitekx, the Robotruck will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. The claimed EPA range of 885 km would necessitate a battery capacity of at least 200 kWh based on current technological standards.

However, Aitekx has yet to divulge how it intends to achieve these ranges and performance levels while maintaining a starting price of around $40,000, following initial offerings of more expensive first editions. The feasibility of this pricing alongside the required battery remains unclear.

Prototype gaps indicate ongoing work

The Robotruck prototype showcased at the LA Auto Show appears more like an early design exercise than a finished production-ready product, as noted by Electrek, whose operators had a glimpse of the concept vehicle. Visible gaps in the paneling and simplistic LED strips for the taillights suggest, according to Electrek, that this vehicle is far from production-ready.

To support funding, Aitekx is presently accepting $100 pre-orders for the Robotruck.

The company’s website lacks comprehensive information about the vehicle or the pre-ordering process at this time.

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