Windows 11 Unveils Customization Wave: EU Users Gain App Freedom, Global Shifts Await

Windows 11 Unveils Customization Wave: EU Users Gain App Freedom, Global Shifts Await

In the EU, Windows 11 users can anticipate a more customizable operating system. Users will soon be able to uninstall built-in apps within the OS as they please. These programs include the camera app, Cortana, and Photos. Specifically within the EU, Microsoft Edge and Bing’s web search will also be removable. However, this capability remains unavailable to customers outside the Eurozone.

Instead of Edge and Bing, users are likely to be able to utilize other default search engines or browsers. When Windows 11 attempts to open Edge or Bing, the respective user-set programs will be used instead.

Microsoft is providing a Windows App SDK for this purpose. Additionally, the company is introducing further interaction points for the Windows Widgets Board and web search within Windows Search, exclusive to EU customers. Third-party apps will thus be able to handle both tasks.

Installation restrictions lifted

“Apps can bring their unique differentiators to more customers by being hosted directly within Windows features,” Microsoft wrote in the blog post. All these enhancements are currently being introduced in a preview version. Bugs and errors should therefore not be ruled out.

There also seems to be a way to utilize these features outside the EU zone. The restrictions are identified during the initial installation of Windows. Customers indicate their country of origin during this process. Based on this information, Microsoft determines whether features are locked or unlocked. Changing the region is only possible through reinstalling Windows.

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