Samsung Unveils Android 14 Update Schedule for 16 Phones, 13 Tablets in Germany

Samsung Unveils Android 14 Update Schedule for 16 Phones, 13 Tablets in Germany

Samsung has released a schedule detailing the update to Android 14 for 16 smartphones and 13 tablets. As reported by All About Samsung, the list can be accessed through the Samsung Members app in Germany. Accordingly, the information is expected to be relatively reliable.

The upgrade to One UI 6, based on Android 14, is set to be received not only by a range of premium smartphones but also by numerous mid-range models. Devices slated for the upgrade include the Flip and Fold devices starting from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G, the Galaxy S series from the Galaxy S21 onwards, the Galaxy A72, Galaxy A53 5G, and A54 5G, the Galaxy A14, Galaxy M53, and Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro.

Similarly, among the tablets listed, there are both expensive and more affordable models. Notable mentions include the Tab S models starting from the Galaxy Tab S8, the Tab S7 devices, the Tab S6 Lite, the Tab A8, and the Tab A7 Lite.

The list is continuously being updated, and it also indicates that certain devices have already received the upgrade. For instance, this applies to the Galaxy S23 series. However, as noted by All About Samsung, the listing seems slightly outdated, as the Galaxy S22 series has already received the update, yet it still mentions December 2023 as the upgrade timing.

Samsung emphasizes in the schedule’s explanations that it is subject to change. If there are any irregularities found during the testing of the new software, such as bugs, the release may be delayed. Therefore, the list should be regarded more as a guideline than a strict timetable.

Users of respective devices can check the current status of updates to Android 14 through the Members app. As indicated in the current list, updated models will be appropriately marked.

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