Amazon Unveils Top-Secret Project ‘Olympus’ to Challenge OpenAI and Alphabet in AI

artificial intelligence
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Amazon is reportedly allocating funds and expert resources for a secretive new project codenamed Olympus, as per a report from Reuters. This project aims to create an AI system that can rival the largest language models developed by OpenAI and Alphabet.

According to sources cited by Reuters, Amazon has assembled a team of its top AI researchers, led by former Alexa chief Rohit Prasad, to work on training the Olympus model.

artificial intelligenceWith a staggering two trillion parameters, Olympus could potentially become one of the largest neural networks ever created, surpassing OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is said to have one trillion parameters.

While Amazon has previously developed smaller experimental models like Titan, Olympus represents a significant leap in terms of scale and complexity. Amazon’s goal with Olympus is to enhance the appeal of its cloud computing services and maintain a competitive edge in the field.

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