PlayStation Users Lose Access to 1,318 Discovery Items: Shocking Digital Content Purge!

PlayStation Users Lose Access to 1,318 Discovery Items: Shocking Digital Content Purge!
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Users who’ve purchased digital content from Discovery through the PlayStation Store in recent years are likely to lose access starting December 31, 2023. This news stems from a recent announcement by Sony, listing a total of 1,318 Discovery items set to be removed from buyers’ video libraries in a few weeks due to an expired licensing agreement.

Affected users who had purchased Discovery TV shows from the PlayStation Store seem to have been notified via email. According to a report by Kotaku, the email states, “Due to our licensing agreements with content providers, you will no longer be able to view your previously purchased Discovery content, and the content will be removed from your video library.” Sony reportedly included the aforementioned announcement link on the PlayStation website in this communication.

This isn’t the first instance of PlayStation users facing such a situation. Last year, movies and TV shows from Studiocanal were removed without replacement from the video libraries of German buyers. Sony had already discontinued the sale of movies and TV shows via the PlayStation Store a year prior.

The digital dependency

These events underscore how little control users have over their digitally purchased content. It’s not just expiring licenses that can deny users access afterwards. Purchased content can also be lost if the provider shuts down the underlying infrastructure due to economic reasons or suspends users’ accounts for various reasons.

This applies not only to movies, series, and TV shows but also to digitally acquired games. Recently, there have been increasing complaints from PlayStation users whose PSN accounts were suddenly and unexpectedly suspended for an indefinite period.

It’s likely a technical glitch in this case, and Sony might reverse the unauthorized suspensions. However, until their PSN accounts are reinstated, users won’t have access to the content they purchased through it.

Furthermore, it remains questionable whether, even in cases of actual violations of the PlayStation Network’s terms of service and usage, it’s justified for affected users to permanently lose access to games, movies, and series potentially acquired for thousands of euros over several years.

Those aiming to prevent such potential losses might consider acquiring their content in a more traditional manner, using optical discs, for as long as that option remains available.

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