Nuki Unveils Smart Lock 4.0 with Matter Integration and Keypad 2 Pro!

Nuki Unveils Smart Lock 4.0 with Matter Integration and Keypad 2 Pro!
(Image: Nuki)

Nuki has launched the fourth generation of its smart lock, marking the manufacturer’s first foray into Matter compatibility. The fundamental structure and approach remain unchanged: the Nuki Smart Lock can still be retrofitted onto existing doors without the need for structural alterations or cylinder replacements.

The Smart Lock 4.0 is essentially built on the foundation of the Smart Lock 3.0, with software and electronics revised to incorporate Matter capability. Alongside this upgrade, the battery management system is said to have been enhanced, promising the new lock to sustain for up to six months on a single battery charge.

This intelligent door lock from Nuki finds use among vacation property managers. The extended battery life aims to reduce administrative tasks. The Smart Lock 4.0 will come in two versions again. The base version is Matter-compatible, while the Pro variant additionally features Wi-Fi technology and a rechargeable battery pack.

Matter Features Still Absent in Smart Lock 4.0

Nuki’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jürgen Pansy, explained that with Matter integration, no bridge or module is necessary anymore. “Simultaneous usage with manufacturer-specific apps is fully feasible.” The Nuki product utilizes Thread as its transmission protocol. According to Nuki, Thread requires significantly less energy for a similar range.

Matter-enabled devices communicate locally via hubs, ensuring that crucial data never leaves one’s home by default. Upon launch, the new Smart Locks will not initially support remote access for Nuki’s proprietary apps and services without an additional bridge. This functionality is set to be added via an update in spring 2024, for which Nuki will charge 39 euros.

In the case of the Smart Lock Pro, remote access for Nuki’s apps and services via Thread is already included in the product. Apple’s Matter hubs are expected to provide this functionality as well, while other manufacturers, according to Nuki, are still working on integrating such capabilities. The spring update will also include the Matter function that distinguishes between merely unlocking the door (including retracting the latch) and fully opening it. These functions were integrated into the Matter specification in mid-October 2023.

Nuki Introduces Keypad 2 Pro

As new supplementary equipment, Nuki has unveiled the Keypad 2 Pro. It allows entry via a numeric code or by utilizing the built-in fingerprint sensor. Constructed with a stainless steel front, it’s designed to be mounted on walls or doors. It can manage up to 20 different fingerprints and allows for 200 access codes, compatible with all previous Nuki Smart Locks.

The Smart Lock 4.0 comes in black and white, priced at 170 euros. The Smart Lock Pro 4.0 is sold for 280 euros. The Keypad 2 Pro costs 350 euros and is slated for delivery in December 2023 for current orders.

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