Exclusive Leak: Intel’s Unannounced Core i3-14100 Processor Spotted for Sale!

Exclusive Leak: Intel's Unannounced Core i3-14100 Processor Spotted for Sale!

On X (formerly Twitter), user Harukaze5719 stumbled upon an offer from the Chinese platform Goofish, selling the yet-to-be-officially-announced Intel Core i3-14100 processor. The article image displays the CPU with its S-Spec code and serial number. Alongside the offered CPU, the Core i5-14400 and Core i5-14500 models are anticipated to debut in January.

According to the seller, this CPU remains a qualification sample, but the product name is already printed on the processor. Nonetheless, the CPU is expected to feature the same specifications as the final retail model.

The Intel Core i3-14100 stands as the smallest Core CPU with four performance cores and no efficiency cores. Its base clock is projected at 3.5 GHz without a Turbo Boost increase, yet it supports Hyperthreading. The anticipated TDP is 65 watts.

Leaks indicate a significant performance boost

Part of this information comes from an entry in the Geekbench database, where the CPU was previously spotted some time ago. In comparison to the Intel Core i3-13100, the processor showed around a 12 percent increase in single-core tests and 23 percent in the multithread benchmark. This would be unusually high for a mere 200 MHz clock speed change.

Apart from potential differences in memory configurations, there’s a possibility that the CPU cores might now adopt the newer and significantly faster Raptor Cove architecture, instead of Golden Cove (Alder Lake) as previously suggested. The current information hints at Revision H0, which would typically align with Golden Cove. Intel will likely unveil this mystery, probably at CES in a few weeks at the latest.

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